Ibiza – Las Dalias, home of the famous hippy Mercado which was also home to all us hippies in those happy hippy days gone by, is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. So many memories – I wish I was there right now but unfortunately I’m not, I’m stuck here in Blackburn, home of the ‘boozer’ i.e. pub and the Indian takeaway.

In order to cheer myself up I photo shopped myself in the famous garden of Las Dalias; you can travel anywhere in your mind with the power of visualisation. It works for many things including the HIV virus. Try it and see if you can shrink it (the virus!) in your mind/body to something tiny like a beautiful flower instead of the monster that it is. Flower Power! We shall overcome! etc.
For now, Namaste – “I bow to the divine in you.”

This video made me laugh so I thought I would share it in case you also need cheering up.



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