There was a comment in regard to the previous article about the HIV vaccine in the Mail that really got my back up, questioning why didn’t they spend the money on cancer research instead – was it because HIV was a fashionable disease?

A fashionable disease – I beg to differ, what the hell’s fashionable about being a social outcast, isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Talking of fashion, who came up with that ridiculous item of clothing the onesie? What an ugly unflattering garment it is. I have yet to see one person who actually suites it and why do they have to have ears and tails and in some cases, as pictured above, udders? Do the fashion designers really believe that we women (or men) want to disguise ourselves as sheep or cows when we go to bed? Whatever happened to frilly nighties and baby doll pyjamas? Now it seems we are all harbouring a secret desire to be zoo or farm animals.

And talking of animals and farms, Emmerdale that eventful (or not!) agricultural village in the Yorkshire dales is currently featuring HIV as a storyline and what’s more with a woman, an older woman in fact (although I wish it wasn’t that stupid would–suit-a– cow-onesie Val) who fears she has contracted HIV from an old lover.

“I’ve got HIV or maybe even…….her lips curl in total disgust as she mouths the dreaded AIDS word in horror – gasp of indrawn breath from the viewers. But in fact, turns out she hasn’t even had the guts to get tested, so she doesn’t even know.

She won’t have it – of course she won’t, it’s only a soap and a bad one at that. It’s not real life where unfortunately the outcome, as we know only too well, can be a very different matter. It will just be a cunning ploy to encourage older people to get tested, or more likely to boost the viewing figures. Must tune in tomorrow, the next night, the night after ad infinitum (because that’s how long they will drag it out) to see if she’s really got THE AIDS.

It’s been a long time since any of the soaps have featured HIV as a storyline, in fact I think Eastenders has been the only one, with poor ol’ Mark the barrow boy, who at least, going against all stereotype, was not gay. But they must have got bored or not known in those days how to finish him off because he just disappeared into the blue and we never really found out what happened to him. He must have survived however because he was later to be spotted as a copper in The BILL.

Unless you are a regular viewer of ‘Enders you probably won’t think the following clip I chanced upon on YouTube is funny. But we have to keep our sense of humour as well as keeping up to date with what’s trending in the fashion/onesie world if we are to be true leaders of fashion ‘modelling’ this disease, otherwise we might go completely mad and grab a mad cow onesie off the rack (which is where I found it) at Asda.

Do you remember the song by The Kinks – Dedicated follower of fashion?

They seek him here – they seek him there….. Well I’ve changed the title to ‘Medicated Follower of Fashion’ especially for us.


Oh yes he/she is (oh yes he/she is),
His/her world is built ’round G-U-MS and clinics
This HIV pozzer always has to look his/her best
‘Cause he/she’s a medicated follower of fashion.

 The HIV song – Eastenders style!



This bears an uncanny resemblance to me – but I swear its not!


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