Sixty six today, sixty six today – all the sixes clickety click. Who would have thought it!

When I was first diagnosed 13 years ago I was given six to eight years. That seemed a huge bonus at the time. I thought I could do an awful lot in six years and I think I have – at least in relation to raising awareness and attempting to reduce HIV related stigma.

Now every year is a bonus. I’m getting older every day it’s true, not to mention poorer, but feeling younger at heart albeit lighter of wallet!!

And I’m still writing this blog and harping on, although maybe not so much harping of late. I’ve been far too busy doing a poster project of eight wonderful and inspiring positive women who have actively been creating ‘waves’ in the HIV world, which will be displayed at the 15th International AIDS conference in Barcelona in October. Maybe I should add one for dear Freddie, although strictly speaking he wasn’t a woman!

I do hope HIV plus advancing years permitting that I will be able to carry on being involved with such wonderful projects and harpin’ on for a good few more years to come writing my sometimes (even to me) crazy rambling blogs. But thankfully I am still here to write them and as Paul Simon sang – ‘Still crazy after all these years’ –  and singing Happy Birthday to myself!!


Before and After!!



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