Lord Smudge before and after – 21 July 2013

Woof evening – your neighbourhood poopoo-ratzzi Lady Doodle reporting keeping you up to date on local events.

Park news – the ‘poo fairy’ as she has been christened by the dog walkers has been lurking in her van every day this week hoping to cop a fine or two by catching us on the job but she’s wasting her woofin time as well taxpayer’s money. Pack Mistress was convinced she was sleeping on the job and tried to get a picture on her phone as evidence. There is a sixty pound on the spot fine if you get caught but if you pay straight away you get a turd off!!!

Not much to report really, went to the beauty parlour and got my hair, nails and anal glands done. PM says she’s glad she doesn’t have to get hers done, although between you and me she could do with a trip to the beauty parlour. She says she can’t afford such luxuries now she’s a pensioner but that didn’t stop her from ordering a new blouse off the internet. She said it was in the sale so maybe she’s getting a turd off.

Not to be outdone Packman took Lord Smudge for a shave and trim but he came back looking like a Dalmation all spotty. I’ll be glad when his curly locks grow back.

Until then – one woof for now, Lady Doodle.



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