I have just come back from presenting an ART Workshop at Noah’s Ark an HIV/AIDS Service organisation in Malmo Sweden. In order to get there I had to cross the Oresund bridge, the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe which connects Copenhagen the Danish capital and the Swedish city of Malmo. This was somewhat of a challenge for me because I hate big bridges (vertigo!) and I also suffer from claustrophobia. So when after googling images of the bridge I saw it suddenly disappear under the sea I was horrified. I did the train journey backwards and forwards on you tube till I literally made myself travel sick! But there was no way out, it was the tunnel or nothing, I had to face my fears and do them anyway as the saying goes! As it turned out there was absolutely nothing to fear. In fact I was a bit disappointed really as I’d built myself up to it. Life is like that sometimes – the fear can be worse than the reality.

Anyway the workshop went really well and the centre was wonderful. If only we had something similar here in the UK but with all the current cuts to HIV services it’s definitely ‘a bridge too far!’ The way its going we are likely to end up with none. Then what will we do I wonder – but I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it!

bridge bigger



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