How do things get tangled up in knots? Wires, hair – life even. Just when you think you have sorted everything out, got everything straight, somehow things manage to get all tangled up again. Well, at least my ‘things’ do.

My life, I fear, is a bit like my pan cupboard. Every now and then I am forced to get down on my knees (not a task I undertake lightly these days because I then have to get up!) and rearrange all the pans and their pesky lids back into neat orderly rows. But in a relatively short space of time, or so it seems, they have somehow jumbled themselves up, fallen out of rank and when I open the cupboard door they all come crashing out and land on the floor making one hell of a racket. Is that what they mean by pandemonium? Maybe it’s like Toy Story or a Night at the Museum and by night they all come to life and have a pan party, a shake rattle and roll – a get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.

It’s a strange analogy really I suppose to liken one’s life to a pan cupboard – or maybe I should say a strange panalogy! Then there’s my trichology of course, which is not something Dynamo the magician practices but the study of the hair and scalp. My hair is so thin and fine these days thanks to a combination of age and the meds it ties itself up into unravelable knots that are impossible to untangle – like the wires behind my telly.

Added to which everything in my household seems to be wearing out and breaking down, at the same time – including me! This is partly because my son is back in residence which causes a certain pandemonium of its own and is a bit like living with a human hurricane. Rugs upturned; paintings skew whiff, scrunched up towels everywhere, cupboard doors left open.

On his first day back he managed to break his bedroom window which will now no longer shut and needs replacing at a cost of 200 pounds no less, then broke the hammer trying to fix it himself. How can you break a bloody hammer? This coincided with the horrendous gales we experienced recently causing gusts of cold wind to howl down the stairs and throughout the house.

In order to escape him for a while, I decided to run a nice relaxing bath, only to find the hot water system is now as confused as I am of late and can no longer find its way upstairs to the hot water tap. Well, it does sometimes then suddenly reverts to freezing cold.  I had to sit on guard with my hand twiddling the temperamental tap for half an hour just to get a semi luke warm bath (of sorts).

It was so peaceful living on my own with just Lady Doodles for company, but our peace, like the aforementioned window, has been totally shattered. And now everything else seems to be following suit and giving up the ghost so to speak – especially me. And in regard to speaking /arguing with my son, it looks like we will forever be getting our wires crossed!!

A bad hair day indeed – or seeing as he’s my only son and heir – a bad heir day!


                                  Spaghairtti!                                                        Playing unicorns!


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