It’s all change – autumn is upon us, the leaves are slowly changing colour and already starting to fall.

Hey! Hang on Autumn I’m not ready. I can’t be doing with change it unsettles me, although sometimes it’s good to change things, especially if you’re feeling a bit down.

Take knobs for example. Are you tired of handling the same old weary looking knobs day after day – talking kitchen cupboards here before you get the wrong idea!

Well, try painting them all a different colour why don’t you, like I did. It’s amazing the difference it can make to your mundane day to day tasks. Every time you go to open a cupboard door or drawer you will encounter a different knob. But beware when opening your front or back door in case you confront an undesirable knob such as a door to door salesman or worse a canvasser for UKIP in which case you can just tell them to knob off.

They do say, don’t they, that change is as good as a rest, albeit not always politically speaking. You can also have a change of heart, start with a clean sheet and thankfully change your mind, especially if you are thinking of voting for UKIP and that knob of knobs Nigel Farage who is inciting HIV stigma once again with his knobbish comments. Between his recent uninformed statements on HIV and the current terror about Ebola we pozzers find ourselves once again in the firing line and open to insults and attacks of stigma. If someone insults you I suggest you retaliate by quoting the old English expression – and the same to you with (brass) knobs on.

That’s enough about knobs for one day, but a last comment on the saying, a change is as good as a rest. I chanced upon this ancient ode, author unknown, back in the good old days when poetry rhymed and Nigel Farage wasn’t even a glint in his father’s eye.   

Hampshire Advertiser 1857 – no author given.

Ye votaries of sofas and beds, ye sloths who exertion detest, this maxim I wish to drive into your heads, a change is as good as a rest.                                                       

Ye children of fashion and wealth, with countless indulgences blest, remember that indolence preyeth on health – a change is as good as a rest.

I’ve added a verse of my own.

Ye votaries of Nigel Faragye, ye sloths who people with HIV thy detest, this maxim I wish to drive into your heads, don’t vote for UKIP if you know what’s best!

 Another blast from the past – lovely song by Lesley Duncan “Everything Changes.”



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