What wonderful weather we are having – I’ve been like a single solitary daisy turning my winter wizened face towards the welcoming rays of the sun. And yes, before you beg to differ in order to make me feel better, my face is definitely looking wizened.
I fear, and not before time it has to be said, I will finally have to update my facebook picture, otherwise I might be accused of trying to claim false identity. The sad truth is I have never updated it in all this time. But, before I do I fully intend to cheat by trying the sample of the new wonder anti ageing serum I bought online that is being hailed as a miracle cream. I called my sis on her tab to tell her the exciting news.
“Suckers cream you mean,” she dismissed scathingly. I saw her mouth curl in derisive distain. Oh her of little faith!
“Wait till you see what it does,” I enthused, “I’ve been watching all the videos on you tube.
Her look implied if only she had the time to sit round watching you tube all day but she’s far too busy earning a crust.
“It’s absolutely amazing,” I carry on regardless, “It even worked on a ninety two year old woman. Tell you what, I’ll take a before and after photo, in fact, better still you can watch me do it live on camera.”
She yawned and turned her tab to face the ceiling. She hates photos and video chatting so I am used to talking to my sister’s ceiling, although it’s not the most interesting ceiling in the world to stare at – hardly the Sistine chapel innit although her walls aren’t arf bad because they have quite a few of my paintings adorning them. Not quite sure why I’ve gone all cockney.
“Well once you see for yourself (presumably with her pork pies – cockney ryhyming slang for eyes) you will believe,” I told the ceiling, although to be honest I have yet to try it. It came in the tiniest of phials – and I mean tiny. I could only afford one, so I won’t be able to fill in many cracks and crevices, but even a few less will do. Anything that offers a glimmer of hope (albeit false – the cream only works from eight to ten hours) and makes you feel momentarily happy in this often bleak and dismal world has got to be a good thing.
Take the aforementioned daisy for example. Daisies are known to convey cheer and exuberance. They got their name according to Wikipedia because, unlike a public house, they open at dawn as the day just starts to begin and are visited by many small insects – rather than beer swilling punters.
A Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also symbolize new beginnings.

 Here we have a joyous rendition of two daisies dancing – followed by a quote by William Shakespeare.
A alegria evita mil males e prolonga a vida.
I didn’t know old Bill was multilingual did you? I wasn’t sure which language it was so I looked it up on my Babylon translator.
Spanish – to joy avoids thousand ills and prolongs life.
Italian – At alegria avoids mil males and prolonga to vida.
Or as old Bill would say –  avoideth one thousand of men and thou wilst prolongeth thy life.
I’m with Bill on this one – avoiding all males, especially the one who saddled me with HIV, would have certainly prolonged mine.
The flower meaning of daisy is “I will never tell”. No good keep asking that Daisy for an answer then, true or otherwise. Better we follow the saying – “I will go pick daisies and have a happy heart.”   

Just as long as we’re not pushing them up!


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