19 March 2013

There’s been a lot of talk about smoke this week, what with the electing of the new pope and all the world transfixed staring at a bloody chimney waiting to see what colour smoke would emerge. Holy smoke indeed. Definition of holy smoke by the Urban Dictionary-

To smoke the reefer in a church.

You dogg, won’t you come up in here and have ya some holy smokes wit ya brotha?

Don’t think Lady Doodles has got any holy smokes. She disapproves of smoking full stop and bangs the conservatory door with her paw every time I light up.

Then another god like figure, this time of the art world, who has something in common with chimneys as he smokes like one, also had issues to do with smoking on his mind.

David Hockney – Guardian Friday 15 march 2013
Life is now. Don’t let the professional anti-smoking brigade ruin it

“The UK’s remaining smokers can’t be legislated out of existence. Everyone dies and to be obsessed with longevity is life-denying. We are all going to die, and this luckily comes at the end of life.”

Well said Hockers if a little thought provoking – if not downright confusing.

“The figures for smoking have been the same for about four or five years now. This means that you have a hardcore of smokers – naughty people who should know better – who accept the fact that fate plays a part in life and know that to be obsessed with longevity is life-denying. There is only now.”

Actually, I think Hockers and I have got a lot in common. We both paint and we both smoke camels – well I would if I could afford them.

Holy moly – will you look at that. He’s received 2261 comments up to now. People obvious feel very strongly about this topic.

What’s a moly I wonder? Have I got any – have you? If they’re back ones I hope they’re not bad. Nothing more painful than a bad moly.

There seems to be a lot of expressions with the word holy in them. Holy smoke, holy moly, holy mackerel, holy cow – and they are just the polite ones.

Holy roller – “Holy Roller” is most commonly used to describe any religion follower that tries to promote their religion at doorsteps or in public forums which can be seen as an annoyance. Talking of which I’ve got one stuck in my hair and I can’t get it out, but I would never be seen dead in public or on anyone’s doorstep wearing them. I am trying to make myself look presentable for my visit to my HIV specialist tomorrow to see if the new meds are working. Holy shamoka, I bloody well hope so. No one seems to know where that expression comes from, but then again they don’t know where HIV came from either. If anyone does, can they please send it back.


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