Woofevenin – Lady Doodles here to cheer you all up with one of my woofsterical upbark blogs. How about this for a laugh – Pack Mistress and Tio Luis took me camping to a Doodlefest. For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s a gathering (or festering as the case may be!) of labradoodles in a big open field, a bit like Glastonbury only without the music. They thought it would be a good idea for me to find out more about my roots and discover what makes me lick. 

Well all I can say it was a bit like being at an Irish wedding, (or a wake!) and being forced to spend time with your distant relations, most of whom you’ve never even met – and given half the chance wouldn’t want to meet! Although unlike the latter there was no trouble what-so-woof-ever, no drunken brawls at all at all, although there were a few drunken shenanigans, especially after the doodle disco.

I met some very handsome doods, one in particular (you can see him if you can be bothered to watch the youtube video below) sporting a jaunty blue bandana. Packmistress and Tio were useless campers although it was their first time. They forgot the main essentials such as tea bags and wine (PM can’t live without either) although they did remember the corkscrew and thankfully the sausages.

We all had to sleep together in the all weather kennel which they’d borrowed from a friend and couldn’t remember how to put up. Once erect it was quite cosy although a tad cramped and we all had to kip on the floor. Now they know how I feel – that’s not strictly true to be fair as at home I have a whole selection of beds, sofas and chairs at my disposal. Our nights were disturbed however by Pack mistress who kept sneaking off then disappearing into a blue tardis affair like in Doctor Who. I had to accompany her just in case she was spun off back into another century and never came back. Tio didn’t bother with the tardis, he just lifted his leg against the nearest tree or behind the kennel and once against the wheels of the car! The same went for the other campers every time they left their kennels, which was often the case especially if they’d been on the doodle stout, a doodle would start woofin, then all the other doods would follow suite, including me, so there was no peace to be had.

As for the doodle disco I’ve never seen anything like it, one of those discos where you can’t hear yourself bark! just watch the video footage and you’ll see for yourself – madness. Talk about mad dogs! Pack Mistress kept dragging me on the dance floor/muddy turf to cavort with her. She kept tapping her bosoms commanding me to jump up. Usually she whacks my bum if I do that and screams DOWN DOWN.  Just because she’s seen that poncey Pudsey do it on Britain’s Got Talent.

To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get back in the car the next day and come home. Enough was enough. I don’t care if I see another labradoodle for quite some time. 

It’s lovely to be home, I will never whine again – unlike PM who opened the bottle she forgot as soon as she got through the door. Went for a walk with my benefactress hanty Joodles today and I was on my very best behaviour. Normally she’s not that keen on me but I keep trying to win her affection because, let’s be honest, I know which side my bread’s buttered, although she thinks I only eat kibble! Little does she know!  Anywoofway, Pack Mistress was walking another dog who growled at someone’s precious pooch and wouldn’t come back when she called. “You really should train your dog,” hanty Joodles shouted looking smug and patted me fondly on the head. You should have seen PM’s face – how we laughed!

If we have to go camping again I want one of these beauties I saw on the internet –a custom designed caravan with my own number plate and fitted carpets.

There’s nothing as camp as a row of tents as some of PM’s more colourful friends would say!

One woof for now, Lady Doodles.

Doodlefest 2014 – The movie!!



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