Celebrations are in order – hivine has reached over 10 million hits worldwide. Can you believe it and if that doesn’t merit opening a bottle of rioja or two I don’t know what does. Out came the corkscrew, on went the Spanish music and we blasted the barrio with Joaquin Sabina (Doody’s favourite.) Think she likes it because she knows if I play Spanish music I’m happy and also Sabina looks like Tio  Luis (or Tio looks like Sabina) and she is missing him like mad.


Joaguin Sabina impersonating Luis in his younger days

As you can see from the video Doody knows all the words and likes to woof along. We woofed well into the early hours, probably keeping all the neighbourhood awake, but these days it’s not often we have something to celebrate. So thanks to everyone who has dropped by and keep popping in – it’s great to see you and its all power to the cause.


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