Woof out the bells! Lady Doods here – just to let you know, in case you hadn’t noticed, that the bells, as in blue, are out in full force and thought you might like a picture of me and Smudgers (or me and Ebs below, you can take your choice) posing in the woods to cheer you up.              

That’s if you need cheering up of course. I know Pack mistress does, but woof, what’s new. Sometimes I think my only role in life is to cheer her up. Mind you, she’s got a lot on her plate – only wish she’d put a bit more on mine, but since that stupid vet said I was a bit overweight i.e. fat, she’s been restricting me. No more Heinz beans alas, only kibble, kibble and more woofin kibble. How would she like a diet of dry food day after day? She says I eat better than she does but that’s a filthy lie. Actually, she’s been off her kibble of late because she’s had a pesky virus.

“Not another bloody virus,” she keeps chunnering to herself, “as if I haven’t got enough to cope with, with the one I’ve already got.”            

Is this what they mean by going viral – and she’s not even on youtube.This particular virus is called the Ardovirus her HIV specialist told her when she left me (for two whole hours I might add) to go and pick up her sack of meds and he saw the rash all over her face and her red sticky eyes. She looks a right woofin mess. I’m ashamed to be seen out with her. Apparently it’s floating around in the air so better keep your mouths shut. If she’d only kept hers shut a bit more she wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place.

Never heard of the ardovirus have you? She’s getting ardo hearing, but that’s probably her age and she’s always saying she’s ard up, but unless she wins the lottery that’s ardly likely to change.                          

Oh well – one woof for now Lady Doodles.


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