31 December 2012

The New Year is almost upon us and I’m quite excited really. It’s like a clean sheet spread before us to do with as we will. This last year has had its ups and downs for me and there have been times when I didn’t want to get out from under them (the sheets) and because of all the changes in my medication there have been times when I’ve suffered from them (sorry, couldn’t resist that). Sometimes some people can give you them – but we won’t go there!

Christmas has been such a happy time spent with my family and Lady Doodles of course that I feel full of optimism for the coming year and the changes that it will hopefully bring. Sadly, I know that there is one thing that can never change. At the end of 2013 us ‘pozzers’ will still be HIV positive – but hey, at least unlike the old days, before medication kicked in, we will still be alive and with a bit of luck, kicking.

We went on a family outing to Liverpool yesterday and boarded the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ bus. We visited Penny Lane, the barbers shop, the fire station, Strawberry Fields and where the Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo lived and slept (probably on flannelette sheets in those days) to rest their Beatle cut mops – and talking of other kinds of sheets, composed their very first songs.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono spread their message of World Peace from in-between the sheets. Let’s hope for that more than anything in the coming year. Hopefully your new sheets for 2013 will have lots of threads, like those posh Egyptian ones, and if you are alone like Eleanor Rigby, you will find someone to share them with. If you are newly diagnosed and about to start on the HIV meds that you won’t have them, although unfortunately ‘the sheets’ can be one of the most common side effects. Anyway, whether you are positive or downright negative, have a wonderful New Year Hiviners, each and every one of you. Do enjoy yourselves bringing it in but whatever you do try not to end up three sheets to the wind!






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