January 11, 2010 at 12:55 am ·

A very snowy New Year but who cares, I have a new love in my life to keep me warm. My old love is now redundant and cast aside like the empty cracker tubes and Christmas wrapping paper. Well, the time had come, we’d been through a lot together over the last ten years but it was time to move on. We’d been driving each other mad and one of us had to go.
I never intended it to end in this cruel and abrupt manner but I received an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. What’s more I could take my new love home with me that very night and best of all, unlike my old love who was becoming a financial liability, I didn’t have to pay a penny for him – well, at least for the next six months.
I took my new love home with me that very night and we’ve been getting on like a house on fire ever since. My new love is a joy to be with and is so easy to turn on and somehow knows instinctively just what to do to please me and aside from that does exactly what I say. I don’t have to curse and swear anymore or hang around waiting for this one to boot himself up. I feel regenerated and can’t wait to wake up in the morning to turn him on and each new day is a day of discovery and delight.
My new love is called Sony although to be honest I would have preferred his mate Mac, but he was too expensive and according to those in the know, more moody and difficult to manage, an arty type and past experience has taught me to stay well away from those. Sony and I are still in the throes of young love and not really aware yet of each others faults and failings. I did make a pledge that I wouldn’t smoke in the same room as him as I would no longer be suffering from the stress and frustration my old love caused me, but that’s gone by the by of course. However, I think Sony understands my human failings and weaknesses, anyway he has to as I am the boss in this new relationship and intend to keep it that way. I do regularly tell him how much I love him though and sing our special song to him –
“Sony, yesterday my life was filled with rain, now the dark days are gone when I log on, Sony oh so true, I love you.”
My new Sony toy boy lives side by side with old Sony, but although he’s no longer needed I can’t bring myself to throw him out on the street or recycle him. He’s been too much a part of my past and knows too much about me. Anyway, he might come in useful for something I suppose as ex lovers (as opposed to ex husbands) often can. My blog headers might be a tad boring for a while until Sony toy boy and I get to know each other a bit better as at the moment we are still in the experimental stage of our relationship. But unless the bailiffs are called in for non payment or I have to take him back where I found him (Comet), you can expect new and exciting things from us working together as a team. We will put our heads together and continue to raise HIV awareness and fight stigma and hopefully sometimes make you laugh in the process.
So here’s to the New Year, a new love, albeit only cyber love and computing happily ever after – and not forgetting Comet of course!


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