13 August 2013

There were no shooting stars over Blackburn last night, no meteor showers for us, only the usual rainy kind.  Other people in other counties across the UK may have had more luck as they scanned the skies looking out for the shooting stars created by the comet. No comets round here, the one we did have shut down so we have to go to Currys instead!

Head out the window (dodging Daddy long legs) hoping for something to wish on I was thinking about the positive picture an art project I did with Thrivine. One of the men in the group painted two paintings. The first was a universe of stars on a blue background and on its own was one tiny solitary red star – that was how he felt when he was first diagnosed, completely alone in a strange new hostile universe. In the second painting the sky was full of red stars – through meeting other positive people and being a part of the group he no longer felt alone. 

I’m trying to convince my newly diagnosed lady that one day she will feel like this, but it’s too early, too soon. Her new world is still terrifying and black. She said I was the first star in her new universe. I think that’s possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.  If only we could get rid of the stigma things would be so different for her, for all of us. Those of us who can have to keep fighting, keep speaking out, but it’s like the words in the song  Starry starry night. They would not listen, they’re not listening still.
Perhaps they never will…

We’ll just have to keep singing and maybe someday they’ll hear.


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